Well, it has been one month since my treatment in Germany. I am doing great. I just got my 30 day PSA check, which lowered from 9.4 on the day I arrived at the clinic, down to 3.8, which is within the normal range of 0-4! While this is great news, the result could be getting some artificial help from the hormone block. (I received a one-month Zoladex Depot injection to suppress testosterone production). Speaking of which, it did have some pesky side effects: a bout of fatigue that lasted for one week, and an extremely low libido (which continues, but doctor assures me the effect will wane soon.) I’ve also put on a few pounds, but I have been a little less active with the fatigue, plus I think I’ve had four or five desserts too many since I’ve been back. The clinic treated us to cake every day, and I guess I’ve continued that tradition.

Next step is an MRI at the 90 day mark. I am scheduled for Dec 16th. This should provide evidence of tumor shrinkage/elimination. I am also supposed to start taking daily Finasteride  to block DHT (Dihydrotesterone) the same culprit that causes male pattern baldness.  So, I may get my Fro back.