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Hagrid quote from Harry Potter

Hagrid quote from Harry Potter

Greetings from the Bavarian countryside. It’s cool and overcast today and Paul has completed his fourth day of treatment. One day to go and we’ll be heading home.

Dr. Weber is on vacation so Paul saw Dr. Wolf and successfully completed his second transurethral hyperthermia treatment. He also had an implant inserted just under the skin on his abdomen that will block his testosterone production for the next four to six weeks. It will dissolve on its own so that it doesn’t need to be removed. He had all of his other treatments as well so it was a pretty busy day.

After dinner we took a walk with another couple to a church that was built in the 1600’s and then through some of the neighboring farms.  I posted a few more photos on www.instagram.com/jzmcbride.

We’ve been spending some time getting to know the other patients and are learning a lot about their experiences with cancer treatments and other clinics. We’re still feeling very good about our decision to come to Marinus.

Also of note today, Paul was given his final invoice. The total cost for his five days of treatment including our room and meals (for the two of us) was approx. $6,000 Euros ($7,000 USD.) It was on the lower end of the range that we were quoted and it includes a supply of supplements and the prescriptions that he’ll be taking home with him. Compared to even a short stay at a U.S. hospital, it’s a bargain and it certainly calls into question the many problems of our current medical system. It’s a shame that it’s not covered by insurance as it will hopefully turn out to be both more effective and economical.

We’re sending a big long-distance hug to Paul’s mom (Gretchen Carlson) who is celebrating her birthday today and his sister Myra whose birthday is Sunday.

I’m also sending a big shout out to my team at Forza Marketing who is gearing up for Saturday’s annual 5k/10K race which benefits Zero Prostate Cancer. We manage the event on behalf of our clients at The Urology Group and it attracts over 1,500 participants. I hope you guys have sunny skies and a great turnout. I’m so sorry not to be with you this year and I know you’ll do an amazing job on the event.