Paul had a follow-up MRI on September 22, 2016. Summary of findings was as follows:

Overall no significant change in the size of the mass in the low left mid glad to apex (PRAD 5). The prostate capsule in this region is slightly irregular with the loss of the left recto-prostatic angle, unchanged. Additional small legions to the right mid gland and left base peripheral zone consistent with malignancy (PIRADS 4).

That’s medical speak for:

  1. He still has cancer
  2. It’s about the same size in the same places as the previous MRI

What we don’t know is how the actual makeup of the tumors may or may not have changed. That will require another biopsy which will be scheduled in the next 4-6 months.  The Gleason score from the biopsy will let us know if the cancer is still relatively non-aggressive or if it’s gotten worse in the past 18 months.