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Holy urethra, Batman! Day two is D.O.N.E.

So much for getting to bed early last night — after rearranging our room by pushing our twin beds together “Brady Bunch style” we were fast asleep by 10 PM — and then wide awake at 2:30 AM. Hello jet lag!

There are only about 12 -15 people staying at the clinic so we’ve now met everyone. Rich and Jackie are from South Dakota where they own a health food store. Rich is also being treated for prostate cancer and he’s at a very similar stage to Paul. Rich had his first transurethral hyperthermia treatment this morning so Paul got to talk to him during lunch and get a first-hand account of what to expect. In the “small world” department, Rich is also a patient of Dr. Tamburi, the naturopath that Paul saw in Phoenix.

We were up bright and early this morning and Paul just completed his second day of treatment(s):

  • Ozone blood drip – they took a pint of Paul’s blood, treated it with ozone, and then gave it back to him via IV
  • B-complex and folic acid IV
  • Mistletoe extract injection – for stimulating the immune system. This link goes to an interesting article from Johns Hopkins.
  • Liver heat pack
  • Thymus injection (he’ll be getting these daily)
  • BioMat, oxygen and magnetic therapy (also daily)
  • First (internal) transurethral hyperthermia appointment. It took two hours and it was “double un” — unpleasant and uncomfortable both during and afterwards.
  • Massage

While Paul had his two-hour hyperthermia appointment, I went for a long walk/jog and explored downtown Brannenburg (which is all of two blocks long.) The sun was out and it was a perfectly gorgeous early fall afternoon.

Best news of the day? I found a 24-hour gym that’s walking distance. Paul is gonna be like a caged lion if he doesn’t get his workouts in and the minute I told him about it, he was on his way there. So much for taking a rest after his treatment … he’s a champ!

We just finished dinner and will likely be watching a movie in our room (and hopefully sleeping through the night tonight.)

Will post again tomorrow. Until then …

Polliwog and Jilly Bean signing out